«0-10v analog output circuit» . «0-10v analog output circuit».

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These two numbers are the minimum values we can represent in out PLC with the digital value. In most cases these steps are small and precise enough. Keep in mind also that the higher resolution you want, the more expensive PLC analog input and output modules.

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6× PID Digital Temperature Controller, ( NOT include thermocouple )

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The utility model can be used as a common analog output, and is particularly suitable for driving an 5~65V dimmer for controlling the brightness of light.

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6-way standard 985 communication port (supporting modbus-RTU protocol)

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First of all, you need a closed loop for current to flow.


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Signal Isolation Transmitter Current, Voltage Transmitter Multiple Input, Multiple Output 4-20MA, 0-5V, 0-10V. The Ruby-MM-1616 PC/104 module provides up to 16 channels of 16-bit resolution analog voltage or current output.