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This documentary about Wright was years in the making, and follows his life from Chicago to his death.

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At the start of the chapter, Wright criticizes the black community for their lack of cultural unity and tradition. This belief seems to stem from Wright s own experiences of alienation from the black community as well as his own family. Wright was always quick to point out that despite the oppressive society created by white men and the Southern tradition, blame was to be held over the black community for allowing themselves to be subordinated. He claims that black life in America was essentially bleak, and that the emotional strength of the community was simply born out of negative confusions. In chapter two, this portrayal of flight, fear, and confusion is reflected in Richard s own constant moving. Moving from orphanage, to his grandmother s, to his Aunt Maggie s and back to West Helena. Wright also depicts the image of feeling versus fighting when uncle and Aunt Maggie leave town to avoid the law.

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Black Boy begins with a bang, literally, when four-year-old Richard sets his house on fire. Then it x7569 s out of the fire and into a long story of poverty, suffering, and x7569 just maybe x7569 a little bit of happiness.

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Under his grandmother s religious supervision, Richard once again feels hunger, both physically and intellectually. For Richard, religion is more of a hindrance than a path to salvation. It is his grandmother s religious beliefs that not only prevent him from being adequately fed, but also stunt his intellectual growth. His education at the religious school is almost a joke and any literature other than the Bible is considered the Devil s work by Granny and Aunt Addie. Religion is another obstacle set down by authority to make him conform.

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The black elevator man in the building in Memphis where Richard works. Shorty is witty, intelligent, and has a sense of pride in his race. However, much to Richard&rsquo s horror, Shorty engages in supremely demeaning behavior to earn money.

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Richard observes that even in Chicago, his actions are tuned by the social lessons he has learned in the South. After reading a magazine called American Mercury, the boss lady enters the kitchen and asks him where he found it and if he understood it. Richard lies, saying he found it instead of saying that he had purchased it. Thereafter, he keeps his books and magazines wrapped in newspaper so that no one would question him.

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Recently named among the top 75 non-fiction works of the century, Richard Wright s Black Boy has made a strong impact on American literature with its strong commentary on the cultural, political, racial, religious, and social issues of 75th century American society. Critics often describe the novel as a superb example of subtlety-crafted narrative describing Wright s journey into adulthood. Many critics question as to whether the book should be considered pure autobiography, particularly because they doubt the accuracy of Wright s recollection as well as because of its novelistic style. But it is agreed that the book monumentalizes an important piece of American, as well as African-American, history.

His mother is earning enough money and his family will live in comfort

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Black Boy by Richard Wright. Published in 1945, the autobiography of Richard Wright Black Boy was originally going to be told in two parts. Richard becomes friends with Shorty and other black men who work in the building in service occupations, and learns their methods for...